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Alexa Gonzalez L.Ac. specializes in women’s health but also treats a variety of conditions like: Mood disorders (anxiety and stress), post-surgical recovery, acute or chronic pain, chemotherapy side effects and facial rejuvenation with the use of acupuncture and other traditional Chinese modalities in at the heart of Bankers Hill.


• Restores proper blood flow which is vital for promoting and maintaining health.
• Stimulates the body’s built-in healing mechanisms
• Releases natural painkillers
• Reduces both the intensity and perception of chronic pain
• Relaxes the muscles
• Reduces stress and anxiety

Acupuncture is about balance, if Qi (Pronounced “Chi”) is not flowing properly it becomes stagnant and that is when pain, symptom and disease start to manifest. The body was designed to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little bit of help, like a reminder or little push, and that is what acupuncture does. It is done by placing thin, sterile, single-use needles in certain acupuncture points, addressing the root of the problem, by which acupuncture points are stimulated regulating the energy flow and thereby affecting your body’s own healing response. This process of healing will address an individual’s imbalances with the ultimate goal of promoting health and well-being, preventing disease, and restoring balance. Acupuncture helps the body in many ways and this are just some of the great things acupuncture could do for you and your body:


• Promotes elastin and collagen production
• Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
• Evens out skin tone, reduces age spots and acne scars
• Brighter complexion
• Reduces bags and dark circles under eyes
• Promotes tighter and younger looking skin
• No side effects or recovery time
• Promotes overall health and energy

Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture is a safe, effective and all-natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, which not only minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but supports whole body wellness and gives you energy. Best of all, it’s painless, relaxing and there are NO side effects or recovery time.


• Improves blood circulation and lymph drainage
• Regulates and Improves autonomic nervous system
• Relief of muscle tension and Pain
• Increased relaxation
• Enhances digestive movement and metabolism.
• Dramatic detoxifying effect on skin and circulatory system

Cupping therapy is a painless ancient Chinese medical technique that involves the use of small glass cups. A vacuum is created in the cup with the use of heat. Several cups are then placed over the area being treated with the intention of helping the body relieve muscle tension, they also open the pores to help release pathogens that cause you to feel under the weather so you can get better faster. Cupping helps the body detoxify by opening the pores and accelerating the release of toxins, and activating the lymphatic system and local blood vessels to restore proper flow.